Los Angeles Accountant

Accountant in Los Angeles, CA

As an experienced Los Angeles accountant, I know that accounting is more than just annually filing your taxes on April 15.  With over thirty years of experience as a Los Angeles CPA, I have served a wide spectrum of clientele in the entertainment, real estate, and medical industries. With meticulous care and an energetic, positive approach to customer service, we accomplish all of your accounting goals based on your specific needs. We offer financial, accounting, and income tax services, including these specific services:

  • Financial Statements: Your financial statements embody all the important details of your financial portfolio. Our financial statement consulting service will demystify the process. We will help you create, manage, and understand the your statements so you can run a more efficient business.
  • QuickBooks Set Up and Training:  QuickBooks offers the most state-of-the-art accounting and bookkeeping computer software available. In addition to our QuickBooks set up services, we also provide training sessions so you can utilize QuickBooks for your personal use.
  • Business Management: Are you a professional in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles? You may want to consider hiring us for business management. As your business manager, my services include: cash management (an assessment of your company’s financial stability and solvency), strategic planning (based on your company’s vision), wealth management (creating your financial portfolio and advising you of the best investments), budgeting (balancing your revenue vs. your expenses), retirement and estate planning (fortifying your projected retirement income and your power of attorney in the event of incapacitation or death), and payroll accounting (efficiency in employee payroll).
  • Tax Returns:  Whether you’re filing your annual taxes, or need to file for an extension, we’re here for you. My accounting staff and I provide thorough income tax services, including detailed tax planning and preparation. We offer insight regarding IRAs, 401Ks, and how sales tax returns affect your finances. More specifically, we provide targeted tax preparation for entertainers (actors, writers, and musicians) whose tax returns are more complex than the basic filing.

My overall mission as a Los Angeles accountant is to provide only the best service for my clients’ financial and accounting needs and goals. The experience, diverse talents, and skills of my staff at my Woodland Hills accounting firm allows us to accomplish this mission.