Woodland Hills Accounting Firm

Accounting Firm in Woodland Hills, CA

At my Woodland Hills accounting firm, my staff and I are more than colleagues; we are a professional family. Our personal “chemistry” creates a business environment where our work is more than “just a job”; our work is our passion. And this passion is reflected by the financial, tax, and accounting services that we offer to our customers.

Tax Returns:  One of the most common of our services. My accounting staff and I provide detailed income tax services, which involves tax preparation and planning, especially when it comes to IRAs and 401Ks. Best of all, we offer specified tax preparation for entertainers (actors, writers, and musicians) whose tax returns are more complex than the basic filing.

Business Management Services: Do you need a business manager in the Los Angeles area? My consultation includes: strategic planning, cash and wealth management, retirement and estate planning, budgeting, and payroll accounting.

QuickBooks Set Up and Training: QuickBooks is the most state-of-the-art accounting and bookkeeping computer program in the market today. We not only offer services in setting up QuickBooks for you, we also provide training sessions so you can utilize QuickBooks for your personal use. Best of all, QuickBooks can also be accessed through QuickBooks Online, where we can instruct you on how to navigate through the QuickBooks website and individual web pages.

Financial Statements: Financial statements contain everything regarding your financial portfolio. If you are a sole proprietor, your personal financial statements are easy to keep track and organize. But if you are a business that has a small to medium-sized staff, such as a limited liability corporation (LLC) or a professional corporation (s corp or c corp), then it is very possible to lose track of the copious number of financial statements that you receive on a monthly basis. Our financial statement consulting services will help improve your bookkeeping methods as your personal accounting system becomes more organized and less confusing.

For over thirty years, my accounting staff and I have utilized and focused our mutual passion for quality work and superior customer service in order to insure that your accounting and financial needs are met, providing you well-deserved peace of mind.