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Accounting Firm in Los Angeles, CA

As a Los Angeles accounting firm, the expertise of our exceptionally talented team exceeds that of other firms. Accounting is more than simply filing your taxes every year on April 15.  Our Certified Public Accountants will ensure that not only are your taxes filed on time every year, but that you understand how your taxes impact your company’s financial health. My staff and I have served a wide array of clients throughout our thirty years in business. We have helped lawyers, physicians, entertainers, business owners, and real estate offices to name a few. We always pay the meticulous attention to detail that you deserve. Our business accounting services include:

  • Business Management: As an entertainment industry professional in the Los Angeles area, you may, at some point, require business management services. As your business manager I will provide: wealth management (creating your financial portfolio and the best investment advice), strategic planning (for your company’s branding and goals), cash management (an assessment of your company’s financial stability and solvency),  budgeting (balancing your revenue against your expenses), and payroll accounting (efficiency in employee payroll), retirement and estate planning (fortifying your projected retirement income and power of attorney in the event of incapacitation or death).
  • Financial Statements: Your financial portfolio is comprised of detailed financial statements. Our financial statement consulting services will empower you to practice proper record keeping so your financial statements are always accurate and detailed. We will make certain you then understand how to interpret your financial statements, which will enable you to run your business more effectively.
  • Tax Returns:  There is no way to get around filing taxes annually, but we make the process straightforward. My Woodland Hills accounting staff and I provide thorough income tax services which include detailed tax preparation and tax planning. We advise on 401Ks, IRAs,  and how sales tax returns play a part in your overall financial outlook. Best of all, we are experts in the specific complexities involved in tax preparation for entertainers (musicians, writers, actors, producers).
  • QuickBooks Set Up and Training: Offering only the best in accounting software for our staff and our clients, we use QuickBooks. QuickBooks is the most advanced accounting and bookkeeping computer program on the market today. We provide QuickBooks training for your office to ensure you are taking advantage of the program’s powerful tools.

At our Los Angeles accounting firm, our goal is to offer financial and accounting services individually catered to each and every one of our clients. Your needs and goals are the guiding force behind everything we do to make sure your books are in order, your taxes are filed on time, and your firm is in its most optimal financial health.