Woodland Hills Accountant

Accountant in Woodland Hills, CA

As an experienced Woodland Hills accountant, I can tell you with certainty that accounting is more than just filing your annual taxes on April 15. For almost thirty years, my accounting staff and I have served a diverse clientele in the entertainment, real estate, and medical industries. With meticulous care and energetic, positive customer service, we will accomplish all of your accounting needs in many different ways. When it comes to our professional platform, our financial, accounting, and income tax services are composed of four parts.

  • Business Management: Are you an actor, singer, athlete or sole proprietor in the Los Angeles area in need of a business  management? As your business manager, my services would include: strategic planning (your company’s vision), cash management (your company’s financial stability and solvency), wealth management (creating your financial portfolio), retirement and estate planning (fortifying your projected retirement income and your power of attorney in the event of incapacitation or death), budgeting (balancing your revenue with your expenses), and payroll accounting (efficiency in payments for your employees).
  • QuickBooks Set Up and Training: We use the best in accounting software for ourselves and our customers’ needs. QuickBooks is the most state-of-the-art accounting and bookkeeping computer program in the market today. We not only offer services in setting up QuickBooks for you, we also provide training sessions so you can utilize QuickBooks for your personal use.
  • Tax Returns:  Time to file your annual tax returns again? My accounting staff and I provide thorough income tax services which include detailed tax preparation and tax planning. We offer insight regarding IRAs, 401Ks, and how sales tax returns play a role in your finances. Best of all, we offer specified tax preparation for entertainers (actors, writers, and musicians) whose tax returns are more complex than the basic filing.
  • Financial Statements: Financial statements contain all the important details of your financial portfolio. Our financial statement consulting services will demystify the statements you create and receive, enabling you to run a more effective business.

My overall mission as a Woodland Hills accountant is to provide the best when it comes to your financial and accounting needs and goals. These four parts of our professional platform is proof that our experience matches our diverse talents and skills.