CA Franchise Tax Board: Income Tax 2013

CA Franchise Tax Board: Income Tax 2013

The California Franchise Tax Board has released the adjusted personal income tax brackets, standard deduction amounts, return filing thresholds, and various exemptions and credits for the year 2013. The figures were adjusted for inflation at a 1.7% rate. All adjustments apply to the period July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

Overview: Income Tax Adjustments 2013

  • Single Taxpayers

Single taxpayers under the age of 65 and with no dependents will not be mandated to file a tax return if their adjusted gross income is less than $12,562. Only those making $12,562 or more are required to file. Before the adjustment, the amount was $12,352.

  • Increased Personal Exemptions

Personal exemption credits will be adjusted from $104 to $106 for those taxpayers who file single, married but filing separately, and heads of households. For married couples filing jointly and surviving spouses, the amount is adjusted from $208 to $212.

  • Standard Deduction

The standard deduction will be adjusted from $3841 to $3,906 for single taxpayers as well as married taxpayers filing separate returns. For married taxpayers filing jointly or for surviving spouses and hand of households, will receive standard deductions up to $7,812 up significantly from last year’s $7,682.

  • Personal Exemption Credits

The personal exemption credit is adjusted up from $104 to $106 for single taxpayers, married taxpayers filing separately, and heads of households and from $208 to $212 for married/filing jointly taxpayers and surviving spouses. The personal exemption figure for dependents increases from the previous $321 to $326

  • Renter’s Credit

Single filers with an adjusted gross income of $36,955 or less—up from $36,337—and joint filers with adjusted gross incomes of $73,910—previously at $72,674 or less—will be eligible to receive a renter’s credit. 

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